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JUMPPapp works with all types of businesses. Whether you’re a Doctor, Lawyer, Electrician, or you own an eCommerce website, JUMPPapp can successfully bring quality new customers your way.  

Unlimited Cities

You can target an unlimited number of locations for your business without a cap or minimum..  Use JUMPPapp to target any City, Zipcode, County, State, Country, or Global. You can target 5 cities, or 50 cities, or 500 cities.

Unlimited Languages

JUMPPapp works across all languages. For example, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, and Russian keywords searches are supported.

The JUMPPapp Organic Search Algorithm

After 8 Years of Research and Development JUMPPapp is born. Through reverse engineering Google, JUMPPapp's search engineers have developed a game-changing proprietary search algorithm. The algorithm compliments the way Google ranks web pages to make you JUMPP!  JUMPPapp identifies your most converting keywords and ranks your website on the first page of Google. It no longer matters how old your website is, or how "popular" it is online.  Through using JUMPPapp, each time someone makes a relevant search for your products you will be easy to be found.  JUMPPapp truly works, JUMPPapp brings new customers to your business, and that is the foundation of it all.

Works with

+ all online platforms.


Use the JUMPPapp dashboard to see how many people are coming to your website with JUMPPapp.  It's simple, no visit, no fee. That's our promise and our 100% results-based guarantee.



Performance-Based Pricing


No Results, No Fee.

At JUMPPapp we believe you should only be paying for results. Signing up to JUMPPapp is FREE, and you only pay when visitors see your business.


Your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your advertising. Some businesses want 100 visitors a month while others want 3,000 + , you set the cap.

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Source of New Customers:

Like a magnet, JUMPPapp will bring Google customers to you.  


90.3% of all searches online start from Google.

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JUMPPapp Guarantees to charge 50% off Google Adword's pricing. 

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